Ford Bronco Sport

Ford Bronco Sport

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The Brief

Introduce the new Bronco Sport to the Hispanic Challenge Seeker audience and drive high-impact awareness of this critical nameplate, differentiated from the Bronco by establishing the Bronco Sport as the Owner of the Outdoors and a vehicle capable of wild — and tame! — outdoor adventures.

The Solution

Leverage the scale and trust of Tripadvisor to promote Bronco Sport messaging and content, and drive consideration through a talent-led video program, allowing Hispanic Challenge Seekers to envision the outdoors made possible by the Bronco Sport. Tap into Tripadvisor Navigator, our proprietary first-party data solution, to promote video and social-led content to Hispanic Challenge Seeker audiences.


Long and short-form custom video views across social media and Tripadvisor's high-impact video units


Aggregated Video View Rate across the Immersive and Explorer Video custom solutions, 2.1x the Tripadvisor benchmark


Overall campaign CTR, nearly 1.9x the average Tripadvisor benchmark