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More than Meets Macao

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The Brief

Increase awareness for Macao and drive content engagement.

The Solution

Covering a total of 13 global markets and 7 languages, the More than Meets Macao campaign successfully put Macao on the map. On top of showcasing diverse perspectives from global travel creators, the campaign also marks our first global collaboration with Warner Music, featuring a one of a kind soundtrack and eye-catching social content. We worked with Singaporean rapper J.M3 to create a bespoke track for this campaign, along with visually compelling organic social posts, and Tripadvisor-produced interview Reels.

This multi-channel campaign extended to Branded Content, including 6x Articles & 4x Trip Guides. Content highlighted hidden gems, special events, dining recommendations, luxury accommodations, historic landmarks, & more. We drove traffic to these pages & boosted overall engagement with Standard Display, Rove Onsite, & TripConnect social amplification.



Rove CTR (11x over benchmark)


TripConnect CTR (3.2x over benchmark)


Reels engagement rate (benchmark 5%-8%)


Total reach on organic IG Reels (TA tagged)


Spotify streams to date since 12/1/23 release


Total views on organic TikTok posts
(TA tagged)